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Delta Security System Established in 2012, Our Company Proudly having one of the best  agency in Gulf Region Dealing with Security academic in Europe And America, Founder & Chief Of Exclusive Of the Company Mr. Mohamed Al Rejaibi


Airport Security

The security procedures at airports, which have been implemented since the September 11th...

Hotel Security & event

Maintain Emergency Response Plan and Team– The collaboration between law enforcement and...

IT Security

IT-Security Team Services / Capabilities   Operational Risk and Assessment...

Anti Piracy Security

Our services We provide integrated and layered security plans to mitigate the risks associated...


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Delta Preparing Special Event in Oman, very soon will inform our Partners and invitation for all European and American companies to Participating and see a new business opportunity in the country.

To Participate VIP close Protection course please contact us below. contact us at:...

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To Participating Security Communication course please contact us below: Email:  GOVERNMENT Courses...

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Surveillance Course ( advance Courses ) to participate please send us email:...

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