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Secupro Government

Secupro Gover

Secupro Netherlands commenced trading in 2001 with training and sales of lock opening equipment.

The founder Mr Age van der Woud is a former Police Officer who worked from 1985 to 2001 in several covert operations units within the Police in The Netherland.

Secupro has expertise in high end tracking & monitoring, audio and video deployment training, installation and surveillance techniques and destructive and non-destructive covert operation solutions and is specialized covert surveillance training and project based training.

In 2007 the Secupro Covert Operations Training Group was founded followed in 2011 with Secupro Research & Development for clients with a need for solutions to defeat electronic locks, hotel access, alarm systems and RFID access.

In 2012 the company Secupro Government BV was founded for all Project based Training for Government Technical Support and Special Operations Units.

All Secupro instructors are former police or military operatives who have experience in the niche field of covert law enforcement and governmental operations. Our goal is to provide professional and unique training and equipment for Technical Support Units and Operational Operatives Worldwide.

Our courses are highly specialized and cover technical and tactical training including full operational planning. Our training is executed around a road map of simulated operations.  The students are assisted by the trainers with presentations, demonstrations, coaching and evaluation.

Our training is split into four main areas: Entry, Tactical Installation, Surveillance and Investigation and Monitoring.