DELTA SECURITY SYSTEMدلتا الأنظمة الأمنية

IT Security

IT-Security Team Services / Capabilities  

  • Operational Risk and Assessment Evaluations
  • Security Compliance and Testing
  • Verification of Stated Objectives for User and Network Access
  • Technology Life Cycle Procurement Advisory Services
  • Holistic Mission Integration for Cyber and Physical Security Threats
  • Emerging Technology Planning and Evaluation for Government Procurement Efficiencies and Operations
  • Turnkey Office Solution Deployment and Staff Augmentation
  • Network Asset Management, Security and Surveillance
  • Cyber Security Threat Analysis
  • On-site Integrity Audit of Cyber Crime and Computer Forensic Training Programs
  • Evaluation and Audit of Cyber security training and trainee capabilities
  • Troubleshoot System and Network Deficiencies and perform root cause analysis and risk assessments
  • CCTV-Security and IP Video Security Surveillance
  • Wireless and Mobile Device/Endpoint Security Control and Assessments
  • Cyber Security Assessments and Vulnerability Analysis
  • Electronic Communication and Email Operations Review
  • Prime Contractor Solutions Deployment and Teaming Arrangements