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Primoco UAV

Primoco UAV

The company Primoco UAV

In the company Primoco UAV, we have always had and developed new ideas with our heads in the clouds. This was one of the reason for the decision not to stay on the ground only, but to take off for a new activity comprising development, production and sale of highly professional unmanned aircraft. The production is based on the expertise of experienced professionals who supervise all the project from the very first draft to the construction, as well as reliable management for whom the satisfaction of customers has always been the priority.

With aircraft always being his passion, he has become a private pilot. Except his hobby to collect 8bit computers, he likes travelling very much. He can communicate in Czech, Russian and English. In 1997 he established the company Media Online which was the platform for the greatest media on living in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2007 he sold the company to the concern SanomaWSOY. Today he develops the internet media on travel called in Russia and in China. Apart from that, he provides e-commerce solutions to his clients in EMEA region. In 2013 he wrote a book Business in Russia.

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