DELTA SECURITY GUARDدلتا للحراسة الأمنية

DRX Group

DRX Group

The employees of DRX GROUP are people with years of experience working in corporations and on civil and industrial investment. Their technical knowledge from various fields of engineering knowledge led to the creation of a distribution, service and advisory offer for systems of outdoor security, known as the perimeter security, on the boundary line of a designated area and on the protected area with the possibility of integrating it with the existing alarms inside the building.

DRX GROUP Sp. z o.o. is the general distributor of perimeter security and additional support systems for the Polish market of the companies: SIEZA, FORTEZA, SELKOM.

We realize complex projects of fencing systems for industry, airports, seaports, border, venture objects requiring above-standard security solutions and for individual customers.

The company supplies and installs complex fence systems including gates and gate engines, equipped in detection systems, that uses military technologies. The systems (fences with the infrastructure of the perimeter and support systems) presented under the trade name: “Intelligent Fences” and “Intelligent Alarms”, allowing for an precise analysis of potential threat, an adequate reaction, and – if an alarm is triggered – pointing out the place of disturbing on the fence line, with the accuracy to 2,5, and 2 m on an protected area.