DELTA SECURITY SYSTEMدلتا الأنظمة الأمنية

Special Operations Training and Advise (SOT&A)

Special Opera


The global security situation and threats from terrorist organizations to society at large requires that states, governments and organizations take adequate steps and countermeasures. There is a acute need to review existing security capabilities in relation to these security threats. Further steps are necessary to meet new security threats as they arise.

The Dutch organization Special Operations Training and Advise (SOT&A) is able to support a country or an organization to build an adequate and professional counterforce department to counter these security threats. SOT&A can provide support at different levels through various contributions and programs. SOT&A consists of former Special Operations Forces Officers and NCO’s from the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps and the Royal Netherlands Army. SOT&A personnel is well equipped with state of the art military knowledge and operational experience (Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa).