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Przemysłowy Instytut Automatyki i Pomiarów  PIAP is the first and biggestproducer of high quality mobile robots for counter-terrorism applications in Poland.

Challenges faced by forces responsible for public safety, security and defence are now more demanding than ever. This is why today’s innovative solutions such as EOD equipmentmust be able to integrate the newest technologies available on the market. Our long-term experience and vast network of partners allow us to create and implement complex system solutions in the security area. We are one of the main suppliers for:

  • Army,
  • Police,
  • Fire Brigades,

other forces responsible for public security, crisis management and civil protection.

Our goal is to protect the life and health of theservices responsible for security and defense; therefore, we make every effort to ensure thatsolutions developed in PIAP are of the highestquality and especially adapted to the characteristics of work performed by these services.

The history of Polish EOD robots began in 1999, when a prototype of the INSPECTOR robot was created. From the very beginning of the development of this and other PIAP’s mobile constructions, the future end users of the devices have been taking active part in the process of designig. This ensures the best quality of our products and their perfect tailoring to the needs and tasks they are faced with. Currently, PIAP’s family of robots includes seven different constructions for C-IED and reconnaissance purposes.


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