DELTA SECURITY SYSTEMدلتا الأنظمة الأمنية

Assistant Organizing Security Management

An assistant security manager assists the security manager in overseeing all aspects of the Security Department. He/she is in charge of developing security measures and assuring the overall security of all members of the organization.

The assistant security manager is responsible for assisting the security manager in coordination of security operations, as well as managing, training, and assessing performance of the entire security personnel. Assistant security managers help in writing and developing security policies and procedures for the security department, oversee all necessary training modules and procedures for security staff, and provide protection to important persons when necessary. They may also monitor all unauthorized vandalism and removal of property, review and report accidents that happened within the vicinity, inspect all areas for safety and fire hazard; and file reports on safety precautions. Assistant security managers are also responsible for conducting internal investigations when necessary, providing courteous service, managing the schedules of security personnel and tracking their attendance.