DELTA SECURITY SYSTEMدلتا الأنظمة الأمنية

Airport Security

The security procedures at airports, which have been implemented since the September 11th terrorist attack on the Twin Towers can cause delays from time to time. Therefore either some passengers’ rebelliousness or some false alarms startle the security personnel. Passengers are depressed by both the armed combat cars driving between the airplanes and the armed security personnel on the planes themselves. And the world’s best and safest becomes a nightmare!


  • Passenger profiling
  • Passenger and crew search
  • Hold baggage screening
  • Assisting passengers with reduced mobility
  • ID centre management
  • Section 5 weapons handling
  • Cargo security
  • Engineering base and hangar security
  • Profiling
  • Access control
  • Vehicle screening
  • Additional services can be offered by other parts of G4S including Fire & Security Systems, Canine Services, Cash Solutions, Risk Management etc..

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