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Ray Allen Manufacturing Company

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Frank W. Howard’s ownership of Ray Allen Manufacturing Company, Inc., came to an end in early May 2007. We are now formally known as Ray Allen Manufacturing, LLC. We still consider Ray Allen Manufacturing to be a family business and have many employees that have over 20 years with the company. The Ray Allen Manufacturing brand and commitment to building the best gear and equipment for the Professional K9 market continues. In 2007, we added to our Professional K9 family with the purchase of Signature K9, a leader in the US military K9 market. More recently, in 2014 Ray Allen Manufacturing added J&J Dog Supplies, a leader in the competition dog obedience and agility markets.

Ray Allen Manufacturing continues to be the only supplier of working dog equipment with a complete offering of all the products necessary to properly train K9’s, including tactical gear. We are persistent in developing new and innovative products for this ever-expanding industry and always welcome new product ideas from our loyal customers or anyone in the business for that matter.

After 60 years in business, our mission remains the same:

To Be The World Leader In Quality And Innovation Of Professional K-9 Equipment For Police, Military, Schutzhund and Ring Sport; Exceed Our Customer’s Expectations; And Deliver On Time, Every Time, At A Fair Price.